20 June 2005

To Jose Carlos


18 June 2005

Dear Jo-lo,

It was a week before your expected date of delivery when we learned that you will arrive via c-section. We spent a couple of nights thinking of the perfect date for you. We even gamely thought of which zodiac sign you ought to be born under. Will you be a dominating Gemini or a creative Cancer? We spent many nights talking about you; we visited many stores to buy clothes and things you will need in the Nursery [your mother can be quite picky about prices sometimes :-)]

Engrossed though we were in the fun things expecting parents do, we fervently hope and pray that your journey through life with us will be meaningful and full of love.

Welcome to the world, Jose Carlos! We look forward to happy and wonderful years and Christmases with you!

Jo-lo was born at 9:44AM, June 18 at 2.7 kilograms. Tina's Kuya Joey and her mom stayed with me.

Visitors from my side of the family. Brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, family friend, my Nanay.

Roger with son Rovic, and Joseph. My friends from Pasay.

Inay (Tina's mom) and kids (nephews and nieces) from her side of the family.

Tita Rem and Ninang Angie

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