16 May 2006

I'm off to a business trip!

Hello friends! It's Tuesday early morning (1:30AM), but here I am trying to keep awake. I just hope I don't get migraine from this...

I think I won't be able to wake up on time because I am due to go to the airport later for a trip to Davao. The flight is at 4:30, so I have to be at the airport at around 3:00... so I need to take a cab from home by 2:30 or so.

It's a business trip. It's my first time to be there so I'm all excited. I just hope I get to see more than just the 4 walls of the conference halls. So I'm off... til Sunday. I'll see if I can sneak in and do a bit of blogging from the land of durian and the tarsier!

Til then! I'll buy some pasalubong!
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