07 June 2006

Morning musings

So there I was, inside a Kia taxi along Buendia. Traffic was at its peak. Thank goodness the airconditioning was better than most, and kept me quite comfortable at the back seat.

I have a million things to do at work but I can't think properly. Yes, I am a late night person, plus add the fact that I have just arrived a couple of hours ago from Baguio City.

How long was it since I felt the cold Baguio air? Just twenty-four hours ago, I woke up to home-cooked breakfast, played a bit with baby Jo-Lo who seems to be getting bigger and boisterious by the day. Then I dressed up and made my rounds in the city for Jo-Lo's first birthday preparations. And I still had time to browse for furnitures, meet my wife after work, stroll in the mall and watch a movie, and play with Jo-Lo some more.

And there I was, back in Manila, in the middle of traffic, and as I glanced at the time on my phone I was surprised that it was already past 9. Late again. Time flies so fast in the metropolis.
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