13 June 2006

Moving away

The past week til yesterday were very busy days. For I was moving away. Most of my things were being brought up to Baguio so my wife and Jo-Lo can make better use of them. I will be left with my bare necessities and move to a smaller place. Which is just ok for me. Staying in a two-floor apartment by my lonesome was too much, considering I simply stay there to sleep (and I even stay in the living room for that) or do my laundry. And I'm also out most of weekends.

I was sifting through the huge pile of papers that I have accumulated through the years when a couple of invitation cards caught my attention. It was our house blessing from September 27, 1997. Wow, talk about travel through time! I still remember that day. We had a priest come over to do the blessing. We had very little furniture then but we had a few friends over and our landlord and their two kids.

So... it's been a little over 8 years that I have stayed in that house. So many memories, some favorites captured in photos that adorn the living room, the walls, the bedroom.

It not only a horde of photo frames that I have collected over the years. There's mugs and movie-themed cups ranging from breakables to plastics. Then there's the fascination with throw pillows which I saw in bars in Boracay the first time my wife and I went there. And the toys, some of which are not yet opened. And magazines! Questor! Popular Science! The old Guide! It took me quite a while to pack all these, being careful that they do not get damaged on its way to its new home.

This is my astromech droid collection, namely the Artoo unit. One of these was a plastic model that you have to paint yourself. I did that yeaaars ago.

Then there's the robot collection. The 70s Voltes V, a couple of die-cast Mazinger Zs, Transformers, Gundams. The ones in the photo below will stay with me, along with the 80s Macross toys. Can't part with them :-).

M&Ms! A more recent collection from the late 90s. Those are going to Baguio. They're too bulky and might not fit in the smaller space I'm moving to.

This is a result of one of my compulsive buys. It's a coin bank which adorned the living room. I like this figure a lot! But it has to move too.

Loads of casette tapes from the early 90s! I couldn't part with them as well so I'm bringing some with me.

This is a teflon frying pan that's been deprived of teflon.

I tend to keep a lot of things, even when they're no longer useful. So I was amused to find these boxes hidden in different places. Seven phones in seven years! Wow. Not pictured is the old Nokia 2110 the 5110, and a Motorola V-series phone that cost only 2,000.00. Most of these phones were issued by our office. So make that 10 phones in 10 years. I was a gadget freak when I was still able to afford it, but I have realized that I really do not need two phones at one time so I have cut down a couple of years ago.

It's not all personal possessions, of course. I have so many stories from this apartment. I hope the new tenants will like the place as much as I did. And I hope my family will take good care of my accumulated things. Jo-Lo, you get to buy your own toys, ok?
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