10 January 2008

New Year Revelry

Before moving on to 2008, I would like to share some photos from our simple yet happy New Year celebrations!

We had family visit us on New Year's eve; here's Jo-Lo with cousins and Tita.
Brother-in-law Jojo with wife Arlene and kid JayJay spent the New Year's with us.
Jo-Lo had a grand time with the neighborhood kids.

We had fountains and some simple fireworks to liven up the night. Jo-Lo can't get enough of the fountains!
At the stroke of 12 midnight, everybody jumped! Then my wife welcomed the New Year with coins and sweets

The Chinese said seafood on the table is considered lucky this year. Who's to argue? So aside from the local favorites, we also served fish, shrimps and squid. It was one extraordinary media noche and we loved it!
Jo-Lo took this photo. He learns quickly in how to operate gadgets. I think he's taken after his dad.

Happy New Year! From Nick, Tina, and Jo-Lo

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