14 March 2008

What's for lunch?

For friends and those asking how I am doing so far with my Green Thing task for month, thank you for your concern. I am quite happy with my veggie meals. Admittedly, there were times when there are no veggies on the menu so I eat whatever there is. But for most of the time, I skip the meat.

Friday is a nice time for those who want more veggie in their diet because people are more likely to serve green things on this day. Being a predominantly Catholic country, the Philippines generally observes abstinence from meat during the Lenten season to commemorate the death of our Christ. This practice has extended outside of Lent, and on Fridays you can usually see mung beans in the menu.

So I had mongo for lunch, and this egg-and-tomato dish called tulchas from Pampanga. I have requested for this particular item from the cafeteria in our building because it has been years since I have tasted this. For a simple dish, it's really good!

Yes, I know eggs are animal farm produce as well but I'm not going 100% vegan anytime soon anyways. But I think my effort in skipping the yummy bopis and other meat items deserve a count, so I'm heading over to The Green Thing and have it included in my CO2 savings!
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