02 November 2015

Wellington Brick-Con 2015


Last weekend (31Oct-1Nov) was a momentous event for LEGO fans in Wellington.  We had our first ever Brick-Con!  This was organised by the Wellington LEGO User Group (Well-LUG), which has a very active community of mostly AFOLS (Adult Fans of LEGO).  The Little People of New Zealand, a charity that supports people with dwarfism, as the beneficiary of this show.

I, along with my son and daughter, visited the show yesterday afternoon.  I was thinking the crowd would be more manageable by then because it is on its final day but was I wrong!  The place was jampacked.  And take note - adults outnumbered the kids!

We enjoyed viewing the exhibits.  There were lots of minifig collections on display, MOCs (My Own Creations), Sets, Star Wars... being a Star Wars fan, this was definitely a must see - I went round that area twice!



30 October 2015

A Whale of a Time at Waikiki Beach

We planned this holiday for months, and when we arrived at Waikiki Beach in Hawai'i, it was a dream come true.  We had gloriously sunny days, the sand wasn't scorching hot and the water is warm.  And the views!  It's breathtaking.

I absolutely love going to the beach in the tropics.  My family loved it too.  Who wouldn't?!  Hawai'i is the perfect place for a beach outing.

During the many afternoons we spent there, we saw photoshoots for weddings and engagements, surfer dudes, people basking in the sun, kids have a great time in the water.  It is such a fun atmosphere!

06 August 2015

Titanopsis galore

Although the name implies mammoth proportions, the Titanopsis is actually quite small and fagile-looking.  What I like about it most is the curious way the tip of the leaves look - knobby and mottled.  It makes for an intriguing specimen.

Luckily, I found one that was ready to flower, and after a couple of days, it rewarded me with 2 flowers!  They're like a breath of spring in the middle of winter.

24 June 2015

Cactaholic part 2

Frithia Pulchra
There's this group of cacti which prefer to lie low on the ground and disguise themselves so as not to be seen by plant-eaters.  I'd like to have some Lithops, but have not seen one yet.  In the meantime, I have the split rock cactus (previous blog post) and the frithia pulchra.  At the end of each tubular leaf is a 'window'; I suspect that in the wild this helps them blend in.

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