Hi there,  I'm Dominic Ballesteros.  Friends call me Nick.  Colleagues in Manila called me Sir Nick but I lost the honorific title enroute to New Zealand.

Perhaps my geekiest moment was when I grabbed an HTML 4.0 book and taught myself how create websites.  My second geekiest moment would be when I got a Photoshop book and taught myself how to use that as well.

I was comfortable using Windows (XP), then I got a Macbook for work which I loved, and then I'm back to Windows (7).  Installed Ubuntu a couple of years back, but did not last long.  But there's an XP computer at the stockroom just waiting for a new lease on life!

Due to countless client presentations and project proposals, I can declare that I am proficient than most with Microsoft Office applications.

Some years back, I was a contributing writer to the Questor Magazine (anime overload!), Guide Magazine (movies galore!) and a short stint at OFW Magazine (for Filipinos everywhere!).  Got published at the December 2013 issue of Kabayan (see page 19) - it felt great to see my work published again.

Tried playing the guitar -too many strings!  Tried playing the piano - too many keys!  Tried playing the ukulele - love it!

Currently working as a Web Manager, and helping out with computer/network problems whenever I can.  Still loads of great things to learn out there!

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