21 October 2013

Lego Castle Model No. 70400 Review

The Warehouse was offering Lego models at 20% off, and we thought it was a good idea to purchase a box, even if it was one of the smaller ones.  And when we spotted this Lego Castle box, we knew it was going to be a good one.  At $14.39, it's really a good deal because there's 4 minifigs in the box!  And add to that the accessories included in the set, this is indeed a nice find.

16 October 2013

Betty White - Safety Old Style

I love Betty White (who doesn't?) and I thought it was genius for Air New Zealand to feature her in one of their in-flight safety videos. This comes in the wake of another memorable safety video which involved Lord of the Rings characters some time back.

Golden Girl Betty White proves age is just a number as she gives us the old school version of Air New Zealand's in-flight safety (YouTube video description).

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13 October 2013

How to borrow e-books from the Wellington City Libraries

My son has received a Kobo Mini e-book reader over the school holidays, and he enjoys reading from it.  It has become his nightly habit, prior to turning in for the night.  Here is a quick tutorial on how to borrow e-books from the Wellington City Libraries.

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05 October 2013

Lego Minifigures Series 11

We bought some Lego Minifigures Series 11 blind bags recently as they were on sale (3 for $10! Usually $4.99 each).  In this case, we actually bought 5 Series 11 and 1 Series 9 (we were hoping to get the Chicken Man, which looks like a nice addition to our collection).

Here's what we have so far!

Holiday Elf
I like this one primarily because I like collecting Christmassy stuff.  And it dos help that the Elf includes a big gift box and a teddy bear!  The ears are attached to the green cap.

Gingerbread Man
We're happy to get this one!  Such a unique Minifigure.  Nice markings, and the head looks like one of those colourful macarons we see in confectionery shops, with dark chocolate filling.  Really nice minifig overall.

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