27 January 2012

Pohutukawa in summer

A beautiful sight greeted me one fine weekend morning.  The Pohutukawa tree in front of the house has finally bloomed!  In the last couple of years that we have been here, the Pohutukawa had given some slight indications that it will bloom, but it never did.  So it was indeed a pleasant surprise that it finally decided to!

20 January 2012

Secret Cinema: can you keep a secret?

The Secret Cinema is for people who love watching movies, anywhere except in the cinema.  You get notified on where a screening will happen, and it's free (most of the time).

What an interesting concept!  I've signed up.  Friends in Wellington, wouldn't you sign up too?  80s movies are in the offing!

Learn more and register at the Secret Cinema website.
(artwork credit: Secret Cinema website)

18 January 2012

Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D: I want!

I've always said I'm a big Star Wars fan.  Well, maybe not so big anymore because I am a fan of Episodes 4-6, not so much of 1-3.  But still, I'm so going to watch this with my son!  Opening 9th February in New Zealand!

12 January 2012

Long weekends: more fun in the Philippines

The Philippine government has declared the 2012 Philippine holidays.  It is actually an event in itself because such an announcement is met with much anticipation.  Who wouldn't, with the Philippines having more long weekends than most other countries?  Actually I personally think it balances out in the end, because I lead an interesting yet hectic work life in Manila.  Try staying in the office late nights the entire week, and add Saturday morning work and you'd surely look forward to your long weekends.

For 2012, the Philippines will have a total of 16 holiday officials, broken down into 10 regular holidays, 5 special non-working holidays, and 1 special holiday, as follows:

05 January 2012

New Year Pamahiin

When I phoned my Nanay in the Philippines last 31 December to greet them a Happy New Year, the first advice she gave us was not to serve chicken that night and on New Year's Day.  Why?  Because of the nature of the chicken which is "kahig-tuka" (literally scratch and peck) - which, in the Filipino allegory, symbolizes poverty.  So we should not serve chicken to avoid being "kahig-tuka" for the entire 2012.

So we did as advised.  Interestingly enough, when we visited friends the following day their mother also said the same thing about serving chicken on that auspicious day.  This led to an animated discussion about many businesses losing money on those two days (KFC and the many lechon manok and chicken inasal establishments in the Philippines).

I became increasingly aware - especially now that we are not in the Philippines - of the many traditions that we have for New Year's celebrations.  One look at Facebook and I see a number of these being actively practiced - and enjoyed!  The red theme and round fruits are especially prolific.

01 January 2012

Happy 2012!

It's nearly 1AM here in Wellington.  Day 1 of 2012!  I just felt an emo moment coming on and decided to post here the stuff that I feel were memorable in 2011, good or deplorable.  (I think it's also worth remembering the stuff that made you feel bad so one is able to appreciate the better things that come his way).

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