31 March 2012

May the LaserForce be with you

My son was invited to a birthday party held at LaserForce in Wellington.  We went together with friends Darryl and his son Russell.  I have been to the area a number of times, but was surprised to find that this entertainment area was actually there.  It occupies  the lower ground floor of the building so it was not that obvious.

Going to that place reminded me of the Fun House back in the 80s in my hometown.  It just had that atmosphere.  I guess the pinball machines located right next the entrance helped create this impression.

13 March 2012

Mini Golf fun at the Pirate's Cove

Close friends know I have an aversion to golf.  It's not because I do not like the game, but it's more of my personal experience with it.  You see, a company I worked for in the past would hold an annual golf tournament.  It so happened that I was in the thick of these things (being the Marketing guy) all the time.  I did not mind being very busy, it's just that the event never fails to fall on the week of my birthday!  At times, even on my birthday itself!  Pleasing a few of the customers wasn't a walk in the park either.  They are a nice lot, mind you, but there's a handful who are just too demanding and too full of themselves to realize it's a gentleman's game, and they're not supposed to be there at all.  I rest my case.

Anyway, this is a different golf altogether.  It's the golf that I had fun with many years ago back at Camp John Hay in the Philippines.  And it's a game we enjoyed immensely at Pirate's Cove.  An adventure Golf! (or mini golf, as I know it back in the day).

02 March 2012

Celebrate Children's Day at Wellington Zoo

On Sunday 4 March 2012 Wellington Zoo is celebrating Children’s Day with $1 entry for all kids 14 and under!

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