25 October 2011

Old St Paul's: magnificent

We were in the city on a weekend stroll when I realized we were very near Old St Paul's so we decided to make an unscheduled stop.  I've heard a lot about this Church and it was a good time as any to pay a visit.

Outside, the Church looks like one of the many such establishments in the area.  But inside, it's a different view altogether.  It is very beautiful, a fine piece of architecture which, as described in the Old St Paul's website, is of the Gothic Revival:
Old St Paul's is a fine example of 19th century Gothic Revival architecture adapted to colonial conditions and materials. Designed by the Reverend Frederick Thatcher, then vicar of St Paul's parish Thorndon, the first Anglican cathedral of Wellington is considered his best work. Constructed entirely from native timbers, the glowing interior is enhanced by stunning stained glass windows. Memorial items and displays tell the early history of Wellington.
While it is no longer a Parish Church, it is still consecrated.  And although it is Anglican in origin, the Church has become a non-denominational venue for weddings, baptisms, and other services.

18 October 2011

Filipiniana sa Aotearoa Radio Show

Filipinos Artists in New Zealand hosts a regular radio programme aired live on Wellington Access Radio 783AM band on Saturdays at 5-6PM.

You may also access previous episodes via the podcast through the Wellington Access Radio website.

From the Wellington Access Radio website:
A programme for the promotion of Filipino culture and heritage through music and arts, Filipino language and community service. Filipiniana Sa Aotearoa is made especially for the Filipino community and wider NZ society. Expect Philippine history, drama and story-telling. Tune in every Saturday 5-6pm!

15 October 2011

Filipinos fear Rena backlash

New Zealand Filipinos have appealed to Kiwis not to subject them to "racial hatred" as a result of the Rena grounding.

Filipinos living in Tauranga have been abused by local residents, who have given them the finger and told them they were at fault for the Rena disaster, Migrante Aotearoa New Zealand coordinator Dennis Maga said. 

"Once you've been identified as a Filipino there is judgment that Filipinos are the culprits and your relatives, and you also should be blamed for this problem," Maga said.

"They shouldn't be judged. They should look at whoever made the mistakes. These Filipinos are New Zealanders - they're also suffering because they love the shore and that area."

continue reading the article at stuff.co.nz
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14 October 2011

YouTube Philippines Launched!

To select YouTube Philippines, choose 'Philippines' as your location at the bottom of the YouTube screen.

12 October 2011

High School Haunted House

I stumbled upon this photo set on Flickr showing Nightmare's Fear Factory's latest victims customers.  My immediate thought was the cleverness in which the people behind this 'haunted house' use web technology to feature their product!  Yeah, pretty lame first reaction I know.  But it really is kind of compelling.  I looked through some photos and the comments that followed (expect some really funny ones, but others can be brutal).  One thing's for sure.  The look on their faces are priceless and it did make me visit their website for more details (and, if I were in their area, might have considered buying tickets too!)  

09 October 2011

Botanic Garden flora

Thought I'd share some more photos of flowers I took from the Botanic Garden visit.  It's really a beautiful welcome to spring.  Try to head out there if you haven't yet.  I hope the tulips are still around though!

(my son correctly identified this as an Iris)

04 October 2011

Challenge Young Motors: service with a smile

Thought I'd put in a good word for the good people at Challenge Young Motors, a petrol /vehicle service station at Ohariu Road in Johnsonville.

We had a dilemma one weekend: a flat tyre.  This is the first time we experienced this, and so we asked around where the best place would be to have it fixed without worrying about how much it will cost us.

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