30 December 2012

Camping at El Rancho

What a welcome respite it was!  The camping, which was the end-of-year activity by BarkadahaNZ, was loads of fun for the kids and the grown-ups alike.  Ten families headed off to El Rancho in Waikanae on the 27th for a 3-day get-together.

While I've been to a number of camping trips in the Philippines, this one is quite different from the one I am accustomed to.  For one, my past experiences involved hiking long distances to reach the summit of mountains or get to a picturesque camping area before pitching tent.  For this one, the camping site is big enough for you to park your car right beside your campsite.  And it's far more comfortable too as there are kitchen facilites (stove, oven, ref, freezer, hot and cold water), toilets and hot showers.  We were even able to use the hall facilities for some of our activities.  The staff were also friendly and helpful.  These made our stay so enjoyable.  So, thank you El Rancho for our wonderful stay!

Here are some photos from the trip:

17 December 2012

Appeal for Edynell Tescon

KASAGIP Charitable Trust is appealing for your generosity to support our fellow kababayan Edynell Tecson and his wife Charina. Edynell has been working in a farm as a dairy farm assistant since 2009 and is now assistant herd manager to a share milker. Wife Charina arrived in July 2012 this year. Due to some unforeseen events, Charina became ill and unexpectedly had to undergo surgery. She developed cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy and some other related treatments. As she has only arrived recently she is not yet able to enjoy the benefits of subsidized medical care. The couple has no choice but to shoulder the costs of what was classified as “non-resident” treatment which is more than $30,000 for all the check-up, surgery costs, and radiation therapy she has had. Charina is not able to work at the moment due to her illness. This is where Edynell is really concerned about -- that his wife who should have been here to help find work now needs medical care and attention.

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