29 August 2013

Jo-Lo's Hangout No. 6: Yellow Submarine

From my son's YouTube Channel:My little sister Christine loves bubbles. We saw this toy on sale: a bubble machine in the shape of a submarine, and thought she might like it. But she's not fond of vehicles, just mostly stuffed toys and her Duplo. Will she like this toy just the same? Watch the video to see her reaction!

19 August 2013

Despicable Me 2 Minions from McDonald's Happy Meal

Jo-Lo's Hangout No. 5 
McDonald's released 12 Minions in New Zealand, and we were able to capture them all! Here's my video of the Minion toys. Guess which ones I like!

14 August 2013

Kinder Surprise surprise

Kinder Surprise went on sale at $1.99 a couple of weeks ago and so we bought one from the Smurfs box.  The thing about Kinder Surprise is that you cannot guarantee that you will get a Smurfs toy, but that's part of the excitement.  At the regular price though, I find this treat to be too expensive so we buy only when it's on sale.  We got lucky the first time and got a Papa Smurf!  Very nicely detailed.

11 August 2013

Fair Weather Friend, Day 6

This is the final day of my Wellington Weather post.  When I started this last Tuesday, the Saturday forecast was looking bleak.  I was hoping for a change in the weather - some sun at least because we were going to be out and about.  Some sun and a little rain will be ok.

And the weather did change slightly.  Saturday was great, with sun and overcast skies, and some scattered drizzle.  And though it rained today, it wasn't that strong and we managed our trips just fine.

The lesson I learned from this week's blog marathon is that while the Wellington weather can change unexpectedly, the forecast can be reliable for the next couple of days.  Four days into the future and onwards, you can take the forecast with a pinch of salt.  But if there is prediction of a major disturbance such as a storm, of course it is always best to heed the warning!

10 August 2013

Fair Weather Friend, Day 5

From a rainy forecast last Tuesday, the weekend weather changed for the better.  The early morning was a bit damp and foggy...
... but by 9am the sky cleared and we had sun!

It drizzled by mid-afternoon, but it stopped, and then it started drizzling again tonight.  Tomorrow will be the final day for this weather forecast series; let's see how things turn out then.

09 August 2013

Fair Weather Friend, Day 4

The weather did actually turn out for the better today.  After a period of early morning fog, we saw a bit of sunshine during the rush hour, and the afternoon wasn't that bad too.  And look!  The forecast for tomorrow has gotten better!

08 August 2013

Fair Weather Friend, Day 3

There is a light change in the weather forecast for today.  From yesterday's prediction of a few showers, it became rain today.  And it did rain in the afternoon.  When office hours ended, the rain has stopped (which is good).  The forecasts have been relatively correct so far.

While Friday's also changed to having a bit of sunshine, it's still not looking too grand for the weekend.

06 August 2013

Fair weather friend

I've always wanted to do this: monitor the weather for a 5-day period and see if the weather happens as predicted.  They say that Wellington can have 4 seasons in a day, that is how unpredictable it can be.  Well, I just wanted to see how the weather prediction can change over a week.  So... here is day 1 (today):

I am hoping for a better-than-forecasted weather for the weekend, so let's see how that turns out...

03 August 2013

Jo-Lo's Hangout No. 3: Rock Climbing

From Jo-Lo's YouTube Channel: We went to Lower Hutt in the weekend for my friend's birthday party... with rock climbing! My Dad says it's actually wall climbing, but I pointed out the name of the place, and it said Rock Climbing!

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