30 September 2013

Jo-Lo on ukulele

My son sang a song while playing the ukulele at their school assembly recently.  Proud Dad!

17 September 2013

Jo-Lo's Hangout: Mobile Zoo Birthday Party

We got invited to my friend Ia's birthday party. There was a mobile zoo and it was fun having the cute animals around!

09 September 2013

Daffodil Festival at Carterton

The early Sunday morning sun found us taking an hour-long road trip to the quaint town of Carterton.  It was  the day of the Daffodil Festival, and we're trying to go early so we can bring home a nice bunch of daffodils.  I have never seen a daffodil field before, and I imagined it would be quite a sight so we said 'yes!' to an invitation to attend the festival.

04 September 2013

Lego Galaxy Squad Model 70707 Review

I have this agreement at home that we will buy Lego only when it's on sale (at least 20% off), or when there's a special occasion for it.  Well, it was Father's Day last weekend and that was a good enough excuse!

After lingering for about half an hour on the Lego section, we skipped the licensed stuff (Star Wars and Super Heroes) and got a Galaxy Squad box instead.  There are couple of things that we liked about this model: a robot and a spaceship.  And the fact that these can combine made it all the more attractive.

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