28 February 2012

Give way rules changing on 25 March 2012

Admittedly, the current give way rules are quite easy to follow because it is a must for you to give way if a vehicle is coming from your right side.  However in an intersection with stop lights, if you are driving straight ahead, then you have the right of way vs a vehicle coming from the opposite road and turning to pass you from your right.  But this one's confusing because some drivers tend to give way and so you don't know if you should proceed or not unless both of you have clearly communicated your intention (flashing of lights / hand gesture).

However, the give way rule can sometimes be a source of wonderment.  Consider the two scenario below.

23 February 2012

Star Wars Episode 1 on 3D: I like

Wow, has it really been 13 years since Episode 1 was shown on the big screen?  I guess the wait was even between Episode 6 and Episode 1: 16 years.  (At least there were the Special Editions in between.)

I remember the time when the Prequel Episodes came out.  I was too young to have any buying power when Star Wars came out in 1977 and the early 80s after that, so I really missed out on the excitement of owning action figures and such.  So the Special Editions were sort of a second chance for me to enjoy my Star Wars moment.

I had a Star Wars week here in my blog, and purchased some action figures.  Not really a lot, but just a Darth Vader, Admiral Ackbar, a couple of Legos, and more Artoos than I intended.  It was great fun.

So what would you expect if Star Wars came out on the big screen once more?  It's back to the theatres!  And this time, with my son Jo-Lo.  It's time he learned the ways of the Force.

So what is my reaction to Star Wars Episode 1 on 3D?

18 February 2012

H E Reuben Antony Joannes Levermore, Ambassador of New Zealand to the Philippines

Presentation of Credentials of HE Reuben Antony Joannes Levermore, Ambasador-Designate of New Zealand
Music Room
13 February 2012

 Newly-designated ambassadors of Greece and New Zealand to the Philippines, H.E. Constantina Koliou and H.E. Reuben Anthony Joannes Levermore, respectively, presented their credentials to President Benigno S. Aquino III in MalacaƱang. Together with them are Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto del Rosario and Chief Presidential Protocol Ambassador Jose Miguel Perez-Rubio.

H E Ambassador Levermore is wearing a traditional Maori korowai, worn as a mantle of prestige and honour*.

*definition source: eske-style.co.nz

15 February 2012

Tropang Trumpo!

If there's one thing I miss from the Philippines, it's the sitcoms.  Hilarious!  The closest thing we have here in New Zealand, I think, is the Naked Samoans and the Laughing Samoans, which are theatre acts.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen any local comedy shows on TV...

We were just watching some YouTube videos and I read somewhere that you can find almost anything in it.  So I searched for some obscure stuff such as the 70s anime Candy Candy and some 70s Philippine TV commercials.  Voila.  Found some.

And then I remembered Tropang Trumpo, one of my favourite 90s TV shows ever.  And look what I found!  What a trip down memory lane.

10 February 2012

Busy bees

We have a number of flowering bush and plants around the house, and the blooming Pohutukawa tree accentuated the spring/summer atmosphere.  It certainly is such a spectacle, it's bound to get noticed.  Especially the busy bees!

The first time I saw the bees here in 2008, I was in awe.  And I still feel fascinated with them whenever they turn up as the flowers enjoy the sun.  It's because they're bigger than the ones I am accustomed to in the Philippines, and they have a distinct black and yellow colour.  It's quite interesting to watch them buzz from one flower to another, a relaxing moment on sunny weekend afternoons.

06 February 2012

Wellington Rugby Sevens weekend

The fun started last Friday, with loads of people walking all around the city in costume. Very festive indeed. I think the Sevens is more than rugby, at least in this part of the world. People get to dress up and walk the streets. Sort of Halloween, but for grown-ups.

02 February 2012

The right to suffrage

One of the significant things we did last year as residents of New Zealand was to vote.  I think it is monumental by itself because we were thus recognized as part of the community, and that we have been given the opportunity to have a voice in the 2011 elections.

Of course, one cannot help but to compare the campaign and voting process with his native country.

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