27 July 2004

SM Baguio

SM Baguio
SM Baguio, originally uploaded by watson.
This is the topmost floor of SM, the biggest mall in the city by far. There are 4 floors in all. This photo was taken at the topmost floor. This differs from the other SM malls in that it does not have the trademark blockish appearance. Instead, SM Baguio makes the most of the city's cool climate by making the mall as open as possible. The roof is designed to be tent-like, and air can pass through on two ends of the mall.

This design did have a flaw, for when the storm hit Baguio the past couple of weeks, the stairs and escalators became flowing rives and the roofs dripped. The tent-like roofs have since been lowered a couple of notches but I don't think that will prevent a similar incident in the future.

The Baguio Cathedral

Baguio Cathedral
Baguio Cathedral, originally uploaded by watson.
I went to Baguio over the weekend to fetch my wife. I never fail to appreciate the sites in Baguio, though I was born and lived there til my college years. Here is a photo of the Baguio Cathedral in all its splendor. It's always a sight to behold.

20 July 2004

avocado shake! mmmm

avocado shake! mmmm
avocado shake! mmmm, originally uploaded by watson.
My ever-so-tidy wife made a total mess of the dining table. With my, help of course! That fact notwithstanding, I took this photo because she was all smiles inspite of the mess.

The Tefal blender that we bought mid-last year isn't working as we expected. Assembly is easy, but it wont crush ice cubes, and it leaks! I kinda had it when my wife called my attention on the leak problem; I was watching TV then. We had to pour all the contents onto a bowl and repeatedly test the jug part for leaks by means of running water. I got exasperated, dumped all the avocado, milk, and ice back into the blender, and made a complete mess on the already jumbled-up table.

The avocado shake was delicious.

Avocado - banana shake, anyone?

what a mess
what a mess, originally uploaded by watson.

19 July 2004

Our Living Room

living room
living room, originally uploaded by watson.
Wow, how one element changed to the room can make a huge difference. We used to hang curtains but my wife has a friend in Divisoria who graciously bought this horizontal blind made of bamboo (I think). The entire living room brightened up! We were so delighted we took a photo of it. Nice huh?

13 July 2004

Office Table mess

office table mess
office table mess, originally uploaded by watson.
Today's been quite chaotic so far. And my table says it all. This is one side of cubicle, and the other side isn't faring well either. Deadlines, deadlines.


blackie2, originally uploaded by watson.
Here's a rear view of Blackie take nat the parking lot. He met an untimely accident yesterday, damaging the spoilers. It's disheartening to see the 'wreck'. I was not responsible for it; somebody else was driving. Oh well.

12 July 2004


blackie, originally uploaded by watson.
Here's a bird's eye view of Blackie, my Honda car who celebrated his 1 month anniversary with me yesterday (11th July). We've been to many places, Blackie and I. He's a bit temperamental sometimes and would place me right smack in the middle of an intersection and wouldn't budge. But he's still my Blackie. I'll post a side view of him in a future post.

Baguio vacation house

baguio vacation house
baguio vacation house, originally uploaded by watson.
Last November 2003, my officemates and I went to Baguio for a weekend vacation. Aaah. That was life. We'd lounge and talk about anything, then when we wanted to go out, we'd just call my brother to fetch us with the van.

We stayed at the ground floor of the house, which was really nice and cozy. There was the caretaker as well and his 2 daughters, who were away during daytime (at work) and rarely stayed during nighttime. So imagine our surprise when we thought somebody at the 2nd floor was looking through the window (see photo, left windowpane). It gave us the creeps! This was taken with a Nokia 7650 phone.

We're not sure if that is indeed a lady or just a bunch of curtains but with Baguio's reputation for the supernatural, it makes the photo a bit creepy. We wanna go back! Do a seance' or something.

A Church in Pacita, Laguna

sto rosario
sto rosario, originally uploaded by watson.
We visited Laguna yesterday and went to mass in Sto. Rosario. The church is quite huge compared with the churches we have in Pasay. Unfortunately the P800 phone can't capture the splendour of the altar, but it was really magnificent! The unique thing about the ceremony was aside from the male sacristans, there were also girls in white who did the readings. Usually adult ladies did this. The mass was said in Filipino, and they used non-common terms. Reminded me of Noli me Tangere actually.

09 July 2004

My cubicle

my cubicle
my cubicle, originally uploaded by watson.
This is my workspace taken with a P800 camera phone. It's a small space but hey, it's good enough for me. Laid-out the way I want it to be: with lots of clutter and paper scattered everywhere. I have a laptop but I use an extra monitor which spans my screen on two windows: a neat XP feature which helps me navigate all the windows I open for work.

08 July 2004


hmmm, originally uploaded by watson.
So this is blogging. So many possibilities, so little time ...

02 July 2004

My first post!


I've been hearing about this blog thing a couple of years now but didn't realize how easy it is to get one til I checked out Google services (I was looking for gmail).

Anyhow, I'll be posting photos and my thoughts on movies and whatever things I wanna write about. I'm gonna love this.
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