14 December 2023

Such fun!

Last Monday I picked up this book from the Op Shop for a dollar. Miranda's TV show with her name as the title has always been one of my favourite sitcoms. And my wife's too. Too bad there aren't any new episodes but reruns are always a welcome treat.

Back to the book. I've just read the introduction, and it sounds like it's more of a self-help book if you are experiencing anxiety and depression, or generally having a not-so-good time overall. I've stoped from continuing to read though, as the book started with the 1st of January as the first chapter title. So there's some things you need to do per day, for a total of 365 days (more or less... is 2024 a leap year?). So I'll keep the book handy and resume reading in the new year! Might be something cool to blog about also!

27 September 2023

One missed call.

A close friend suffered a stroke a couple of nights ago.

It happened at work. His wife recounted that at the end of the workday, he called and said he felt a bit tired and rested a bit. About an hour later, the wife had not heard back so she phoned him. The husband managed to return the call but with some difficulty. He could't move his body. An ambulance trip later, he's in the hospital with a blood clot on his nape.

He's been in the hospital since. We were among the first people they called on for help and I missed the call. I feel terrible about it. That's bugged me for a while now.

At the same time, this incident has made me think of the many things that will change from now on with their family. One day you're with friends enjoying a good chat, the next day you're lying on a hospital bed.

That missed call really bugs me.
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