27 April 2011

Filipino Chaplaincy - Wellington website now online

I usually get my copy of Tambuli, the Filipino Chaplaincy newsletter, through an online messaging group and I was wondering how come the Chaplaincy did not have a website to centralize information and resources.

The good news is the Filipino Chaplaincy in Wellington now has a website!  It was launched last Sunday.  Now everyone has a place to go to for information on Chaplaincy news and events.

Speaking of which, the Outreach Ministry has announced that the 3rd Sunday of May will be offered for new migrants.  

23 April 2011

Visita Iglesia

Visita Iglesia is a traditional Catholic tradition practised in the Philippines during the Lenten season.  It literally means "Church Visit", and it is just that: a visit to seven Churches while contemplating on the fourteen stations of the cross.  Two stations are meditated on per Church.

Friends organized a Visita Iglesia and we were happy to be able to join.  This is normally done on Maundy Thursday, but because we still have work on that day, we did it on Good Friday instead.  Our pilgrimage was capped off with a 3:00PM mass where the passion of Christ was commemorated.

20 April 2011

From Genesis Energy: Join our volunteers heading to Christchurch

Hi there,

Our Canterbury neighbours still need our help.

That's why we're giving volunteers the chance to fly to Christchurch and lend a hand for the day.

And we've teamed up with the Red Cross, who'll make sure we hit the ground running when we get there.

We'll provide flights, airport transfers in Christchurch, and your snacks and lunch for the day. All you need to do is wear suitable clothing and be prepared to get stuck-in.

Roselle Ramirez Fund

To our friends and members of the Filipino Community

KASAGIP would like to enjoin you to support the family of Roselle Ramirez (from Paraparaumu) who died from a recent tragedy. A Roselle Ramirez fund has been set up to help her family. If you would like to make a donation to the fund, the details of the account are as follows:

Roselle Ramirez Fund
03 0732 0613275 000
Westpac Paraparaumu Branch

Please pass this on to your contacts.

18 April 2011

Do Not Call Registry

One of the things I was happy to leave behind in my previous work in Manila was the huge amount of cold calls for advertisements and promos that I received.  Even with a receptionist filtering the calls, a fair number still manages to go through.  Here in New Zealand, I am happy to note that I have not received such calls at work.  The unsolicited ones I receive are related to my work (software, web design) so those are ok.  And these are too far between that I do not mind these at all.

We learned fast, though, that the scenario changes here.  Instead of receiving calls at work, you receive it at home.  We've had calls for offers on cheaper long distance phone calls, vacations through a discount card, solicitations/donations.  It became so bad that there came a time when we no longer wanted to answer the phone and had thought about purchasing a caller ID / voicemail thingamajig.  Honestly, we really do not have that much money to go around and while we do donate to organisations of interest, we are not exactly happy about receiving calls asking for donations.  We try our best to politely decline but some of them can be so persistent.

14 April 2011

ASEAN Presents SouthEast Asian Night Market

Bring all the family to sample the exciting sounds and spicy aromas of the third Southeast Asian Night Market which will spread out along the Wellington waterfront at Frank Kitts promenade and Shed 6 on Saturday 16 April 2011 from 4.00pm to 10.00pm. In the event of bad weather, the market will be held on Sunday 17 April from 4pm to 10pm.

The ten member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) - Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam - have combined to bring you delicious food, colourful crafts and non-stop entertainment from Indonesian puppetry to Malaysian tea pulling.

The Philippines will host a coconut skull race and tumbang preso!

Read more from the asia:online website

13 April 2011

Advisory for Philippine Nurses seeking employment in New Zealand

The Philippine Embassy urges registered nurses or nursing graduates, based in the Philippines and wishing to seek employment in New Zealand, to ensure that they observe the proper procedure in obtaining accreditation or recognition of their credentials as registered nurses with the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NZ Nursing Council) before deciding to move to New Zealand in order to avoid incurring unnecessary and huge expenses. Philippine nurses are strongly advised to refrain from going to New Zealand unless they have passed the IELTS or OET in the Philippines and have completed the registration process by the NZ Nursing Council which they could do very well on their own.

10 April 2011

Constant Change

I've had a busy weekend. So busy that after our regular grocery session, I no longer found the energy to do my usual tasks at home.  We just sat there and stared at the TV screen.

And then I thought about changing the layout of my blog.  After all, I may not have the energy to do stuff around the house, but my brain is still buzzing and I still have enough energy to sit through a couple of hours' computer session.

I thought to myself, all I need to do is change the template then restore the widgets.  Easy peasy.  I'll be done in time for bed.  And then I started copying my blogroll one at a time... and to do this I have to open each blog so I can copy the links.  At this stage I was struck with melodrama.  I recalled my early blogging years, when blogging and bloghopping were synonymous.  I kept constant contact with my blogroll, and even got to meet some great people in the real world!

07 April 2011

Pa-sine sa Johnsonville

Jesus of Nazareth
6 p.m. Friday, 08 April 2011
Sts Peter & Paul Parish Church
Dr Taylor Terrace
Johnsonville, Wellington

Entry by Koha*
All proceeds go to Caritas for Christchurch earthquake appeal.
Refreshments are provided.

05 April 2011

Block Rosary

I was surprised to see a special guest to our home early last week.  Mother Mary has come to visit us for a week.  This is called Block Rosary, which is quite popular in the Philippines.  It is thus named because a 'block' of families gather as one to pray the Rosary.  Mother Mary visits a house where she stays for a predetermined length of time, and families would go to that house to pray the rosary.  When Mother Mary moves to another house, a mini-procession usually ensues, accompanied with candles and solemn singing.

01 April 2011

Daylight Saving Time ends this Sunday

And this is no April Fool joke... Daylight Saving Time ends this coming Sunday, 3 April. Time to take back the hour "lost" when we started DST last year! The time change officially starts on 3AM when it becomes 2AM. So that means... an extra hour of sleep!

I was once confused whether we need to move back or advance our watches come DST change time but a friend shared me this witty quote that sorts it all out:

Spring forward, Fall back

Unfortunately this also signals the end of the merry, warm summer days. We're moving into winter... time to bring out the heaters and thick jackets!
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