28 March 2016

LEGO Minifigures Series 15

We bought half a dozen LEGO Minifigures Series 15 blind bags from this series hoping to get the Shark Suit Guy (we like mascots), the Queen (we have the King from a previous series), and the Faun (reminds us of Narnia), and the Astronaut (who doesn't love LEGO Space?).  For me, anyway.  My son would like to get the space guy (the Laser Mech).

The good news is, we got 6 unique figures, three of which are the ones we want (the Shark guy, Astronaut, and the Laser Mech.  The bad news is... nah, getting the other minifigs are not bad news.  They all look cool actually.

20 March 2016

A surprise trip to Battle Hill Farm Forest Park

We're nearly done with March, and so we're well and truly on our way to autumn.  But somehow the summer sun still manages to make a comeback, like these past couple of weekends which have been exceptionally warm.  There were the odd couple of days with showers and cold gusts of wind; but just when you think summer's over the sun comes right back!

We've had a glorious summer break, and while I reminisce about the warm, sunny days I can't help but recall the fantastic time we had at Batt Hill Farm Forest Park.  Actually this trip was not planned at all.  Our group was supposed to go someplace else but we did a last minute change of plans and ended up here.

No regrets as Battle Hill Farm Forest Park is quite an interesting and beautiful place.  For one, there's a campsite beside a shallow river, then there's the working farm which you can visit, and there are also walking tracks for trampers!

We did not get to visit a number of places mentioned in the above video (we were out on a day trip) - it would have been quite an experience to see the eels!

We checked out the camping grounds
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