25 November 2014

Parol making in the spirit of the season

It truly is quite an experience celebrating Christmas in the Philippines, especially if you are a kid.  There's the early morning masses where you get up real early, then have hot pan de sal with butter oozing all over, or puto bumbong afterwards.  The anticipation of the special day when Jesus as an infant would appear on the Belen on Christmas Day, and the Christmas lantern that would glide its way across the Church to where the manger is... it's all so special.  And in school, we do arts and crafts, and make Parol, which we have only during this time of the year!

19 November 2014

I found the Black Box! (or rather, it found me)

I signed up for a Black Box many moons ago. To be honest, my expectations with receiving one is not high, mainly because I do not have much luck with such things. So imagine my surprise when I received an email saying that I have been chosen for a Men and Adult Snacking Black Box, and one turned up at our doorstep shortly!  It sure was a pleasant surprise.
The box was quite heavy.  I secretly wished there was beer inside.
Oooh, wraps!  My wife was delighted to see that.
Underneath the wraps were more goodies.  And I saw a beer bottle!  Yay!
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