I currently work as a Web Manager.  We used Drupal as our CMS in 2010-2015.  We have since migrated our website to WordPress.

I also perform IT and desktop support as a secondary function.  I find this quite fulfilling as I have also dabbled with hardware and software configuration / troubleshooting in the past and it helps me keep abreast with technology.

In my free time I also volunteer as website administrator for various organisations:

Johnsonville Community Centre Toy Library

February 2014 - present

When my wife started work at the JCC Toy Library, they were also looking for new website administrators as their volunteers were relocating.  So we took on this role.

Initially we were going to use the existing system, but the committee wanted to include a Facebook widget to boost the organisation's social media presence.  This meant creating an extra column, so I decided to change the layout of the site.  Based on the flexible three-column CSS template Simple Threed, I tweaked the code to dedicate a column for Facebook and the rest for the content.

Other work included design of the logo, and the occasional flyer and banner layout and composition.

Visit the site:

KASAGIP Charitable Trust
March 2012 - present

KASAGIP Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit organisation which provides assistance to new migrants and help them settle in their new environment.

The organisation asked for help with building and maintaining their website, and I volunteered.  I used Google Sites for this project.

Visit the site:

Filipino Chaplaincy - Archdiocese of Wellington
August 2010 - present

A call for volunteers was sent out to assist with setting up their website, and I signed up.  I also used Google Sites for this project.

Additional tasks include using Google Apps to create and manage email addresses as needed, regular uploading of monthly newsletters, and updating content as needed.  I also assisted with acquiring the domain name.

Visit the website:

August 2010 - present

BarkadahaNZ is a youth-oriented group whose aim is to educate kids with Philippine lineage about what our culture and traditions through activities and events.  I created the website using Google Sites (yes, I'm a big fan).  Barkadahan is a Filipino word meaning 'friendship'

Additional tasks include keeping a record of events through photos and hosting these in Flickr, as well as assisting with events management (including creation and electronic distribution of flyers).

Visit the website:

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