06 March 2013

Michael Crichton's Congo: it's about the tent. And the gorilla.

In our camping trip last December, one of our friends propped a pop-up tent beside their main one, the kind which wasn't one of those flimsy things that kids play with at home.  The sight of the tent putting itself up reminded me of Congo, a movie I watched many years ago.  I was amazed at the pop-up tents they had and the image somehow stuck.  The other thing I remember about the movie is, of course, Amy the talking gorilla.
I figured it must have been a really good movie if I can remember bits of it.  I resolved then to find and read  the book it was adapted from, as I realized that the movie would be more difficult to find.

01 March 2013

March is NZ Book Month

Fiction or non-fiction, a book has the power to change your life. Join us in March for New Zealand Book Month - an annual campaign to encourage us all to celebrate books and reading.

Download your $5-off voucher 
From Monday, 4 March 2013 you'll be able to download a voucher that will give you $5-off a book valued at $10 or more.

Find a NZ Book Month event
There's lots going on across the country - find out what's happening in your area.

Learn more about NZ Book Month

(photo credit: Title Wave)
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