29 June 2010

New Zealand job vacancies websites

I occasionally get inquiries from people asking where would be the best place to search for jobs online, what is the job market like for their field of specialization, and other employment-related concerns.

I would always say that the best way is to visit the New Zealand immigration website (www.immigration.govt.nz)and check out their LTSSL (Long Term Skills Shortage List) and STSSL (Short Term Skills Shortage List), as well as visit some websites which advertise vacancies for New Zealand.

And then I would list some sites.  However I found the next best thing: an exhaustive list of websites that advertise vacancies.  This can be found in the Career Services website's Job vacancy website links.

I hope this link will be of help.

25 June 2010

Happy 5th birthday, Jo-Lo!

Here in New Zealand, children's parties are exactly that: children's parties.  Adults are not expected to attend.  The parents would just drop off the kids and pick them up at the designated "party over" time.

But Jo-Lo's 5th birthday party (last 18 June) was celebrated Filipino-style. Parents and siblings were welcome!  One thing that Filipinos have adapted here though, is to bring along a plate to events - that is, to bring a plate of food to share.  When we phoned friends to invite Jo-Lo's friends to the party, the parents would ask what they would like us to bring.  And though we've told them that food is taken cared of, they nevertheless brought additional food and drinks.  Isn't it fun?

We celebrated Jo-Lo's birthday at the Johnsonville Community Centre which has an affordable per-hour rental fee.  Aside from the convenient location and availability of kitchen facilities, we also did not have to worry about parking.

And in true Filipino fashion, we had pancit for long life and a host of other party favourites.
This was a lunch affair.  But the party went on at home, where Jo-Lo also opened his gifts.

That's me, going into our room with the Lego and Transformers toys in tow for our assembly some other time!

Freshly-baked cinnamon by Glen!  Full tummies notwithstanding, this was promptly gobbled up even before half an hour was over.

Pinapaitan by Gina!  Hot soup for a chilly night.

Both kids and parents had a very nice party weekend.  Happy birthday Jo-Lo!

21 June 2010

BEWARE: Gmail use confirmation

There's an email circulating within GMail asking for your personal details if you'd like to continue using Gmail.  Needless to say, don't send your details!  The recipient's name is simply stated as "GMail" and the email address is not shown by default.  One sure way to see if this is from a legitimate source is by looking at its email address.

To see the sender's email address (in case you don't know it yet): I encircled "hide details".  This originally displays as "show details". Just click on this to toggle.

For anything related to email and internet correspondence, be wary of anything that asks for personal details or login details.

Don't they have anything better to do?

15 June 2010

My Fabulous Final Fantasy Find

So we were in town last weekend doing our regular grocery and were shopping around for some good deals. After an hour or so, we were already waiting by the exit for a friend to finish up with nothing much to show for our shopping time, when I spotted a shelf of DVDs and music CDs heavily marked down and waiting for a good home to accept them. And what did I find amongst the pile? A Final Fantasy Advent Children Limited Edition Collector's Set! I grabbed it and headed straight for the counter, unable to contain my excitement. Final Fantasy VII is one of my favorite video games ever and Advent Children is one seriously groundbreaking CGI movie!

I opened the box and out came two DVDs, a script book, a novel, and 10 postcards. Sweet! I couldn't believe my luck. I actually went back to see if there were others, but that was pushing my luck I guess :-).

Guess how much this gem cost me? Did I mention 'heavily discounted?' It was 50 cents!

08 June 2010

Please don't jump

This week's PostSecret contains a postcard that has triggered a strong response from people all over the world.

The postcard read:
I have lived in San Francisco since I was young.
I am illegal.
I am not wanted here
I don't belong anywhere
This summer I plan to jump off the Golden Gate.

As someone in a new country trying to fit in, I empathize with this person. Please don't jump!

* Join the Facebook Groups created to sympathize with the postcard sender:
Please don't jump
Together for Life! (Come Together on the Golden Gate Bridge)

04 June 2010

Cheers! (um...where's the beer?)

After being here in Wellington, New Zealand for almost two years now (how time flies!) I think that my understanding of their accent has improved a bit.  I can carry on a decent conversation, although this is mostly in a business / office atmosphere.  I still find my mind floating off into space when they go into animated, casual conversation and they speak so fast I can hardly follow.
Inspite of that, I'm doing good so far.  I have even learned to understand some terms that are uniquely kiwi:

Top up - actually means reload in our country.  Such as, reloading your celfone perpaid load.  Aside from the phone credit, you also top up your bus card, your petrol.  Speaking of which,

Petrol - is gasoline.  I hear diesel more often, though.

Arvo - means afternoon.  I received an email one time with a note: "see you this arvo".  I had to ask a colleague what it meant.

- No longer means you both have a mug of beer to toast with!  This term is easily substituted for "thank you"

Mate - is not exclusive to your significant other anymore, but now refers to anybody.  Guys would more likely use it to refer to their buddies.

BYO - Bring Your Own, as in "bring your own wine" to a restaurant.  There are restaurants here with "Licensed BYO" advertised on their window.  Not sure what that means.  Anybody?

Cuppa - is a cup of tea.  Would you like a cuppa?

Dairy - no longer refers to milk and butter.  A Dairy is the local version of our sari-sari store.

Op Shop - Opportunity Shop; a second-hand shop

I also do a lot of written communication, and I noticed that they use a lot of exclamation marks.  We rarely use this unless we want to emphasize something or when we're angry or excited, we use a series of exclamation marks.  But here, this mark is used rather liberally.  I was a bit confused about it when I was new because I always thought I was offending my correspondents but learned that it's just the way it is!!!

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