06 April 2019

Lost and found

[In the midst of things that have not gone the way I want to, there are actually many instances when fortune smiled my way. Though I can say that it wasn't actually fortune, but something or Someone who looks after me. I'm starting a series of short stories highlighting these #smallmiracles. Hopefully this will also encourage you to look into the small miracles in your life.]

Udon soup
I actually have 2 wallets, 1 for frequently used cards, and a smaller one for minor cards plus my bus card. Keeping just 1 wallet for everything was too bulky. Each wallet would go into my pants' back pockets, but on that fateful day I decided to wear shorts with only 1 back pocket. So the smaller wallet went into my front pocket along with my phone. Being the designated driver, I had to drop off the kids to their sporting activities and also get the family to our other destinations.

By late afternoon I realised that I lost my smaller wallet. In the next couple of days, I retraced my steps and enquired from shops, but turned up empty-handed. Nevertheless, I did not feel troubled, like something is reassuring me that the wallet will find its way back.

Sure enough, I received a phone; a kind soul dropped it off at a shop. I have since collected it, with all contents intact. It was the best thing that happened to me that week.

(Not related to the story, but I had 2 udon bowls this week due to the cold, wet weather. Yum. Might try to recreate at home.)

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