07 April 2020

Day 13 of lockdown due to COVID-19

A glimmer of hope today - 54 new coronavirus cases, total 1160. This is a drop in daily new cases. But we have to soldier on if we are to sustain this.

While the vast majority are heeding the Level 4 lockdown rules, a few are not so cooperative. This is even more emphasized when the lawmaker becomes the lawbreaker. Just as the Philippines has Koko Pimentel who visited Makati Medical Centre while exhibiting symptoms and later tested positive, we have Health Minister David Clark breaching the Level 4 lockdown here in New Zealand.

Personally, I do not find lockdown and basically being told to stay at home bothersome. As my close friends know, I'm an introvert. I would prefer staying at home than going out. Case in point: In the more than 10 years we've been here in New Zealand, I've only been to less than 10 pubs with less than a total of 20 visits. I've only been to a dozen or so restaurants. When I get together with friends, I prefer going to their home, or host them ourselves, to lessen crowd interaction. I can be the most socially awkward person there is. The last time I emceed a Christmas party with a friend, it took me two days to recover from the sheer exhaustion.

It's also relatively quiet here at home, with the family giving me space to work. But at the same time we interact during stretch and lunch breaks.

Sometimes though, life throws a spanner in the works and you just have to deal with it. Which is why I sometimes amaze myself when I handle things I normally would not do. I've lived a lifetime of experiences that have challenged me in a lot of ways, and I think that, inspite of other people telling you what they think you ought to be, you should learn to accept yourself, your limitations and your capabilities.

I think this is one of the more important lessons I've learned during this lockdown.

And what motivates me to go beyond what I would normally do? I think it's the bonds of friendship I have forged, the respect I have for other people, and that Someone up there has given me worthwhile endeavours to work on.

06 April 2020

Day 12 of lockdown due to COVID-19

Thought I'd take a break over most things over the weekend and take it easy. It was nice just taking my time and spending time with my family.

We had fine, sunny days that made our lunchtime strolls quite enjoyable. Even my son joined us, and that's saying something.

We saw our neighbourhood in a new light as we would usually just drive by when we go to work and back. We explored its nooks and crannies.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. Normally we would be at church for the blessing of the palms. This year, we attended an online mass and created our own works of art, which we hung by our door.
We brought out our old Wii console which had exercise activities. The last time I used it (which was about 3 years ago), I was overweight. Look what it said this time!
It's been another full-on day at work today so I'm really glad I took the weekend off.

There were 39 new confirmed cases, and 28 new probable cases today, bringing a total of 1,106.

Late last week, the worldwide cases have reached a milestone of 1 million.

03 April 2020

Day 9 of lockdown due to COVID019

Today's a Friday, and personally it's a welcome change because of my full time work. It still feels like the weekend, but there are many who would feel that this day is just another day as they face salary cuts, or even worse, unemployment. It's going to be a difficult time ahead, post COVID-19.

Even as I write this, there's a second wave of the outbreak near the Hubei province in China where this all began.

Today in New Zealand, the total number of new cases dropped to 71, bringing a total of 868.

To defeat this virus, the message is clear and simple: stay home and stay local. Walking for exercise is permitted, but keep the 2m distance when crossing paths with others, and stay in your area.

But staying at home doesn't mean isolating yourself from others. Use technology to look out for each other and keep in touch.
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