25 February 2024

Doors, why do there have to be doors

Last 12th Feb I recommended The Good Place to a friend. It's one of my favourite shows on Netflix and I'm sure he would like it too. But like most movies or series that I watch only once, I would have forgotten what happened between the start and the end. And so I decided to have another go at all 4 seasons.

I just completed the series Last Friday (23 Feb) while on my way back home from work.

The first time I completed this series, I felt a sense of wonderment. This time it hit different. I felt a deep sadness. 

Like the characters who were trying to figure things out, I was also in the middle of wading through new territory as I went to the South Island with my son to help him set up for Uni. It was difficult to find calm during those times, but during the times I waited for him to return from school, or when sleep evades me, The Good Place kept me company.

Perhaps the situation I'm in at the moment of parting ways resonated with the theme of the series. It's just too much of a coincidence. I would like to think that someone, somewhere out there is trying to send me a message that things will be alright.

One day at a time...

(For some reason, this series reminded me of the song Doors)

21 February 2024

'cause life's a constant change, and nothing stays the same

It's 2.30pm. I'm in my son's room, counting the minutes til he comes back from Uni, counting the hours til I fly back to Wellington. I can't help but think how time has flown. I can still remember cradling him in my arms while I read the latest Harry Potter book. I loved giving him rides on my shoulder whenever we were out and about.

And now here he is, moved away from us to pursue his university studies.

As parents, we could only wish that our kids have been listening to our words of advice, and that he will be ok now that he will be far from us. We pray that our kids will be safe, and that we don't want to nag them about going home once in a while but that's what we always want to say but we keep quiet and hope they do.

We hope. And we pray. And we will always be there, no matter what happens.

16 February 2024

If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do

This week was quite a roller coaster.

Last Tuesday, my daughter went off to her Year 8 camp. Then yesterday I accompanied my son here at the South Island where he will be flatting as he starts his first year of University, and his first time to be away from us.

I didn't know if I should feel happy, or sad, or angry. At one point I felt anger was the best way to cope.

But as I sit here in my son's room (he's gone off to have dinner with friends), and I saw my daughter on a video call home safely, I feel more at ease. The tension I felt at the start of the week has started to ebb and I feel relieved.

If I were to grade this week on a stress meter, it would have been an 8 (with 10 being the highest). Last monday as I brushed my teeth and saw my face on the mirror, I muttered to myself: 'Parenting sucks. Why should our kids have to go away?'

We actually had a fun weekend prior to this. We went on a tramp, we got two beautiful cockatiels, and we had meetups. 

 I was on a high, but that crashed on the Tuesday.

Looking back, it doesn't seem so bad now. I am hoping for the best, hoping that my son listened to my words of advice, and that he will be safe. I am looking forward to going back home and see my daughter and wife again.

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