24 May 2012

Kiwi Slang (part 2)

Picking up from where I left off.... this one covering D - K.

I must admit though, in the 3+ years I have been here, I haven't heard the locals use some of the words here... but most are still in circulation so good as gold!
    • Dairy – corner store
    • Dear – expensive
    • De Facto – a couple who live together but are not married
    • Ding – small dent in a vehicle
    • Dressing gown – bathrobe
    • Dob in – to inform the authorities of someone who is breaking the law
    • Drongo – term of abuse, idiot
    • Dodgy – unreliable
    • Dole – unemployment benefit
    • Down trou - dropping ones trousers
    • Down under - New Zealand, as seen from the northern hemisphere
    • Dux - the highest academically achieving student
    • Duvet - quilt
    • Dunny – toilet

15 May 2012

Be Te Papa's 20 millionth visitor and win!

During the month of May, we are expecting to reach the milestone of 20 million visitors since opening in 1998. We are so excited that our partners and sponsors want to celebrate this with us, and have put together a great prize package for our 20 millionth visitor.

The prize will be presented as they walk through the door, so make sure you come and visit Te Papa during the month of May because it could be you!

continue reading at the Te Papa blog
(photo credit: Te Papa)

10 May 2012

Kiwi Slang

Somebody asked you to "chuck it in the bin" and you didn't know what to do?  Fear not, here's a guide to Kiwi slang!  It's quite a long list though so grab a cuppa.

  • Across the Ditch – across the Tasman Sea 
  • Accelerator – gas pedal in the car 
  • Aerial topdressing – spreading of fertilizer from a aircraft 
  • Afghan - chocolate flavored biscuit, usually made from cornflakes, covered in chocolate icing 
  • Agee jar – essential glass jar used for preserving foods 
  • Agro – aggravated, aggressive 
  • All Black – New Zealand national rugby team 
  • Ankle biter – small child, toddler 
  • Anti–clockwise – counter–clockwise 
  • ANZAC – Australia New Zealand Army Corps during WWI 
  • ANZAC Day – public holiday and national day of remembrance of military personal fallen in war and conflicts 
  • ANZAC Biscuit – cookie made from rolled oats and coconut as care packages to the ANZAC soldiers Aotearoa – most widely known and accepted Maori name for New Zealand, translated as “Land of the Long White Cloud” Armed Offenders Squad– armed sector of the New Zealand Police 
  • Aroha – love (Maori origin) Away with the fairies – day dreaming 
  • Awesome – excellent 
  • Aussie – Australian 
  • Au – I don't know 
  • Aubergine – eggplant 

05 May 2012

Super moon in New Zealand

The super moon will be visible in New Zealand on Sunday, 06 May 2012 at 5.23pm. The full moon occurs at 3.35 pm but will not be visible until a couple of hours later, at moonrise. I hope we will have high visibility tomorrow!

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