25 March 2014

Eighties songs that are not from the '80s

I adminit, I'm hopelessly stuck in the 80s.  I am so notoriously known for this that my friend would turn up the radio on the way to work in Manila on Fridays as one radio station plays 80s songs all day, and then he would ask me the title and artist of each song (I get most of it right!).  Here in Wellington, my friends also know this particular quirk of mine, but they do not mind listening (and singing!) to 80s songs while at our home.

But once in a while a song catches my ear that exudes an 80s vibe.  And I stop, and say, 'I've got to have that.'  I've bought a number of music CDs for that purpose, and I have amassed quite a number of CDs.  I left most of them back in the Philippines and I sorely miss them, but I plan to get all of these back.  There's something about the rhythm and tone of songs that take us back to a familiar time, and to me these are quite special in that way.

Here is a number of songs I would like to share with you.  Thank goodness for YouTube and its treasure trove of music videos!  8 songs that's not from the 80s, but sound like the 80s to enjoy!

Title: This used to be the future
Artist: Pet Shop Boys
Album: Yes
Released: 2009

Not surprisingly, the Pet Shop Boys are still making great music long after the '80s.  I own a number of their albums and listened to 'Suburbia', 'What have I done to deserve this', and loads more of their songs... even the b-sides!  'This used to be the future' is my favourite song from 'Yes'.

14 March 2014

The 15th of March is Microvolunteering Day!

Microvolunteering Day is a unique opportunity for microvolunteering platforms, volunteer involved organisations & individuals to join together in a synchronised effort to promote their contributions and demonstrate the power / potential of the microvolunteering concept. It is primarily aimed at:
- engaging individuals in micro-tasks
- inspiring charities to embrace the idea
- stimulating discussion on the concept
- sharing pics + stories via #microday

(If you're thinking whether I just copied the above description off their website, you are correct.  This is a rush post because this event is already tomorrow!  But I'm heading right back there after this post to see how I can microvolunteer.  So... see you there?)

Learn more at the Microvolunteering website

12 March 2014

In search of Emmet

With the impending release of The Lego Movie in New Zealand (still coming out in mid-April - seriously?!), we've been excitedly watching movie trailers, reading reviews, and watching a host of YouTube Videos about it.

And of course, we would like to have an Emmet Lego minifig for our collection!  We're pretty sure he is the hero in the movie, although we haven't watched it yet.

So over the weekend we went minifig hunting!  We bought six blind bags with the hope of getting an Emmet (we heard he's quite a common figure, which is good).

And the first minifig we have is... Abraham Lincoln!

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