17 January 2007

Heigh ho, to the Pig's Spine we go!

This was a trek from last year. I received the photos last December but workload was up to the ceiling so I'm finding time to update only recently.

But even if this happened last year, I can still remember the elation we felt when we finally arrived at the much-acclaimed Gulugod Baboy (or Pig's Spine). The place is named as such because a dominant sloping area there looks just like a pig's spine. The added feature of having a huge campsite makes this a favorite among big groups too. Plus, this is a relatively new site so it's not "commercialized" in the sense that there are no sari-sari stores around, no coconut juice along the way. Well, we missed the coconut juice of course but Gulugod Baboy is the place to go when you want to really feel that you "left civilzation".

We commuted on the way to Batangas, and it was already around 9 when we arrived at the base. As we surveyed the area, I thought I might get sunburned again (I turned mildly red at Mt. Maculot). Surprisingly, the trek here was shorter than the one at Maculot. It has been said that the trip going to the peak will only take 1.5 hours. But we're not like the ordinary guys out there. Nope. A level 1 climb takes us 4 hours to traverse. And this climb was not an exception. It was already mid-afternoon when we arrived at the peak. Which was not so bad at all because the sun was mid-way through its journey and the weather was cool.

It's quite windy up there, but not strong enough to blow down our dome tents. Cooking with charcoals was out of the question though, so we munched on the unroasted marshmallows instead.

What joy! The scenery was just wonderful. There were a handful of other trekkers as well, and a jolly bunch they were. Friendly atmosphere overall.

What a great time to unwind from work... really worth the weekend to go somewhere to just simply be with friends, cook whatever is there, enjoy the scenery, not think about how things are at the office... even just for a weekend.

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