23 January 2007

A whole lot of soup

I've been passing by this restaurant called The Soup Kitchen in Glorietta every now and then, and in each instance I wonder to myself, "what do they sell there? Soup? It answers a lot, given their name, doesn't it?"

Well, I finally knew the definite answer to this mind-boggling question one fine day when some colleagues invited me for lunch outside the office. Unfortunately, that's what other people had in mind. We passed a lot of fastfood stores and saw the lines grow longer by the second. Famished, we thought we'd never make it to the counter to order our food so we found ourselves walking more than four blocks away from our office looking for the shortest queue possible.

Funny how we couldn't stand falling in line but we managed to do a mini-walkathon in the search for fast food! Anyways, we soon found ourselves in Paseo Center where there are two floors of food shops. But what we thought would be a quick find for a table and food became another search for quick service and short lines. And then we saw The Soup Kitchen, which still had a number of chairs available. And there was no line to speak of! And so we moved in for the kill.

And what did they serve? Bread ... and soup! Well, there was also rice but we thought... rice and soup? Nah. Bread it was.

I don't know what got into Dessagirl. She simple loathed vegetables but she ordered something with loads of the green things in it. So imagine her starved state trying to get the veggie-loaded soup into her digestive system.

As for me... I can't even remember what I had. Wait... I remember now. Clam chowder. After a hefty slurping of soup and munching of clams and bread, I was finally able to satiate my hunger pangs. Unfortunately I couldn't say the same of Dessagirl and Irish. After her half-finished soup, we made a beeline for good old McDonalds.

Pauline had good sense in her when she ordered from Kaya (a Korean Restaurant) for bibimbap instead and joined us at the Soup Kitchen.

Got soup?
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