11 August 2008

More toys errr... action figures

I hauled out some stuff that were hidden in boxes and remained that way ever since I moved most of my things to Baguio a couple of years ago. I am repacking them to send to my parent's house where they will stay for the time being. This is my simple treasure trove:

Star Wars Metal Cards. This was given to me by David, a good friend who I met only briefly.
Some anime-related stuff
Gundam SDs!
I started my movie tumbler collection with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and then it grew from there.
A testament to my fascination with robotics: R2D2 figures from the Star Wars movies.
Star Wars action figures from the Jollibee Kiddie meals

I have some unopened Star Wars figures as well.
Vintage and not-so-vintage Voltes V items!
M&M dispensers
More more more Star Wars stuff. These were in my display cabinet and will be hauled off to make way for Jo-Lo's toys.
A couple of Masked Riders. David also gave these to me in the 90s.
The Han Solo figure (which needs assembly and painting) was a gift from Arnold, a colleague and fellow model builder enthusiast (but that was sooo long ago...)

See the transparent Star Wars vehicles? Believe it or not, those were given to me by my former boss, Renan Velonza. He knew I loved Star Wars, and so every time he would go out of the country, he would go to a Toys R Us outlet and buy me one of these transparent figures.
More Voltes V items
They say that people are natural-born collectors. I also collected stamps, shells, and rocks. What about you? What is your treasure trove?
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