20 August 2008

A weekend in Tanay

Have you ever traveled to a place where everything happened so fast that you can't remember a lot of details anymore but you still remember what a great weekend it was?

Well, I had one such trip. This happened many months ago in one of those rare moments that I was in Manila on a weekend. I was invited to a weekend camping trip to Tanay in a private property. I tagged colleague Kenneth along. Of around 10 in the company, I only knew three and so Kenneth and I were really just tag-alongs. We stayed at the back of the van on the trip going to Tanay at the Rizal province and dutifully dozed off while the rest chatted about a great many things the rest of the way.

It was already past midnight when we arrived. It was a thrill driving by the rough roads expecting something would come out of the bushes and terrorize the goosebumps out of us. We even imagined a manananggal swooping by and holding on to Yoyo but he can't fit in the van window. It was hilarious, but we kept away from the windows just the same.

That night, we made small talk with the gracious caretakers who patiently awaited our arrival. And late though it was, we still made for the pool and a bonfire cackled happily nearby.

We spent the night in tents and resumed the swimming the following day. Soon enough, we were on the road going back to Manila. What can I say... time flies when you're having fun!

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