11 November 2008

The Central Library and the Te Papa Museum

Finally, we were able to visit the Central Library at Wellington! It was like walking into a bookstore. The open shelf policy enables you to roam about and take your pick at a leisurely pace. It has four floors of book heaven! A cafe is conveniently located inside the premises, the inviting scent of brewed coffee occasionally wafting through the nearby reading places.

The Library is located at the Civic Centre.
Books, books, books and more books!

I can use my Johnsonville library card here as well. How convenient!
Of course, there are also books for kids like Jo-Lo.I also managed to drop by the Te Papa Museum and took a few shots to share.
New Zealand has a rich natural resource, and the museum displays species native to the country.

The sadly extinct giant flightless bird moa (or is it emu?) comes to "life" in the gallery, and puts into perspective its majestic size.
For art aficionados, their gallery is a must visit.
There are lots of multimedia areas in the museum. There are enclosed theatres that can seat around 20, and there are open ones such as this one below. Other interactive features include an earthquake simulation, audio-visual treats, and virtual rides (this one's for a fee).
Displays of rich Maori heritage abound.

There are lots of areas designed for kids as well.Information kiosks are strategically located to give more information on the showcased exhibit.

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