22 November 2008

The Frank Kitts Park

Completed in the late 1980s, Frank Kitts Park was one of the first areas of the waterfront to be developed. The design was heavily influenced by the annual street car race that ran through the area at that time.

The seaside promenade was the start grid for the race and is the reason why the promenade is flanked by a high wall on its city side – to ensure spectator safety.

The last street car race was held in 1997 and since then a desire has been expressed by many for the wall to come down and connections from city to sea – physical and visual – to be improved.

Source: Wellington Waterfront

Something hilarious actually happened to us with Frank Kitts Park. A couple of weeks back, we were in town and when we were finished with our tasks for the day, we still had a couple of hours left before going back home. And so we decided to do the Wellington Waterfront Walk.

There are many Walks in the city and surrounding areas, where you become your own tourist guide. There are free brochures for the many walks and each points out interesting highlights such as preserved structures and places. The Wellington Waterfront Walk starts near the Central Railway Station and ends at Te Papa Museum. Somewhere near Te Papa is the Frank Kitts Park, which was our ultimate goal so Jo-Lo can play.

The guide said the walk will take around 5 minutes to reach the park, but we have been walking far more than that, and then we already saw Te Papa from a distance. Thinking we passed the park and missed it, we decided to return to the train station and go home.

Last Sunday when we finished watching the Santa Claus parade, we decided to visit a park since it was still too early to go home. Frank Kitts Park it was. We were surprised to learn that had we continued with our walk the last time, it was already at the opposite end of the building we were facing!

That's the longest and highest kiddie slide in a park I have ever seen.
Bungee jumpers in training.
Jo-Lo enjoying the park.
The grounds of most parks here are covered with this soft rubber matting. Really nice to walk around in. It's similar to the mat used in the play area at Glorietta in Makati City, Philippines.

Frank Kitts park will undergo renovations soon. This is a nice place as it is, but the renovations will make it an even nicer place for family fun.
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