10 August 2010

Weekend garage sale fun

There's this show on TV called the Antique Roadshow where people bring things from their home which they think is of value and these are appraised. It's interesting how people get hold of their trinkets: as a hobby, inheritance, from their attic. Others, however, just happened to buy these at a shop somewhere, just sitting there on the shelf, being neglected.

Not that we expect to find something of magnificent value in garage sales, but it's fun nonetheless. One thing's for sure, though. We now tend to browse things that look quite old and then my wife and I would ask each other, "Antiques Roadshow?"

Last week's garage sale was a community effort and so it was done in a hall.
There were lots of nice things on offer.  Elegant wine glasses at only a dollar each, and books also at a dollar each!  All sorts of bric a brac and electronics were also up for grabs.

Both grown-ups and kids have fun in community garage sales.

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