Donate Goods for New Migrants

(This is a project of the Filipino Chaplaincy, Archdioecese of Wellington. Thought I'd help spread the word.  The form below submits results direct to the Filipino Chaplaincy.  Salamat po.)

New migrants to Wellington are usually faced with the dilemma of acquiring or purchasing a number of necessities, be it clothing suitable for the climate, pots and pans, and any household furniture (e.g. bed, sofa, dining table, etc). And choices are often limited due to budgetary constraints.

If you have extra household items in your house that you can give away to our fellow Parishioners, please fill up the form below along with quantity and description of the items you wish to donate.

The list of items for donation will be matched with requests from new migrants. We do not have a spare area to store the donated items, however; we will work on having the items picked up from your house as soon as we can.

Our thanks in advance for your offers of assistance.

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