06 November 2005

veni vidi divi

I was in Divisoria a couple of weeks back. I was looking for nice gifts to give, and colleague Lorrie was willing to accompany me. And it was good that she came along too, for we took a route that I haven't been to before.

We took an FX ride from Makati to the Buendia-Taft area, and then we took another FX going to Divisoria from there. I would usually take an MRT ride from Buendia and get off at Doroteo Jose, where I have to take a jeepney ride and walk from Tutuban Center mall.

The FX ride passed by Rizal Park, the walled city of Intramuros, and an old Church which I would have loved to take more photos of had I known where I was and would assuredly not get lost if we got off there.

Here are some other photos from that trip.

Many houses leading to Divisoria still retain the old architecture, with the Capiz windows and woodworks. They also have a basic set-up: residence at the second floor, shops at the ground floor. Like the one above. This place sells pots and pans. Others sell plasticware, still others knives.

Get your Christmas decors at the Divisoria mall at rock-bottom prices! It pays to be thrifty these days. The ribbons at the upper right are at 25 pesos per spool (it can go for three times as much in malls).

Like beadworks? Divisoria got lots for you.

Tons of umbrrelllaass! Whoops forgot to ask the price.

Ummm... this is my bounty. A brush for cleaning at 20 pesos, a pen with laser light and flash light for 60 pesos, a couple of ribbon spools, and a kilo of lanzones! Had we stayed longer than 2.5 hours, we could have bought more goodies. There'll be a next time...
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