22 November 2005

Food favorites and more Divi finds

Been busy for quite some time now, so blogging has been kept to a minimum of once a week for my 3 blogs (plus 1 for Baby Jo-Lo, who was a bit ill last weekend). Today's post highlights photos of my favorite food, patiently accumulated the past couple of weeks to the curious looks of my non-blogging companions (why the heck is he taking photos before he eats?).

My taste in food is simple really. Fried, boiled, grilled, and with some basic sauce on hand. Don't forget the rice! Same with deserts and local snacks. And it becomes even more fun to eat when you're with friends and family.
Fried eggplants, thinly sliced and deep-fried. I like the ones with crispy edges. Serve with soy sauce and all I need is rice!
Produce taken from under the ground. Sweet potatoes, kamoteng kahoy, ube. This photo was taken from the Baguio City market.
Monggo (mung beans) popular on Fridays and tortang talong (fried eggplant dipped in egg batter). Like the fried eggplant, I like my tortang talong pressed thinly so it's cooked well.
Guinataan! Made with coconut milk, bananas, langka, sago, sweet potatoes. I simply love it.
Tupig! This is rice cake covered with banana leaves and cooked by grilling. This Vigan delicacy is courtesy of a colleague.
Spaghetti, Pancit Palabok, and Pancit Bihon all in one place! Courtesy of Ms. Beth (an office colleague) who celebrated her birthday last week. Belated Happy Birthday Beth!
Divi Finds
You might think I have already completed my Christmas shopping by this time. Au contraire'. In fact, I haven't had time to set-up my Christmas tree yet! Yep, that's how busy things are at work. Anyways, here are some more photos of Divi finds. Perhaps you can have some practical gift ideas from these.

By the way, when I went back to Divi, I didn't have much money in me. Wrong move! I really felt so cash-strapped when I couldn't buy even a couple more of those nice 25-peso keychains. Lesson learned: be prepared.
This very nice photo frame costs 60 pesos each. Sorry, I'm not much of a haggler but I'm sure you can do better than my 5 peso-off negotiation. There was another very simple yet elegant photo frame consisting of three squares with a different color each. Could have been great for me, my wife, and Jo-Lo. But I was running out of cash fast! Arrrgh.
These wooden photos are at around 45 pesos each. I got three. The photo is that of my wife and friends in their tong-its session in Baguio. Nice, huh?
I lingered over this booth with loads of keychains. I would have loved to get lots for friends but -- all together now -- no money! Waaaaahhh.
Lunchtime is up so I did not have time to rotate this photo. This is all I was able to buy from the horde of keychains. Finding Nemo characters with the Little Mermaid fish at the bottom. Yeah, I know. I suck at shopping. Going to Divi without any money ... duh?!


  1. hi watson.. super daming tao na ba sa divi? havnt been there this year, wld u bliv? nways, goin to dr widout any money? sayang naman ang punta mo doon!

  2. Oo nga eh Dessagirl. Sayang talaga! Ang daming tao na, expect more to come in the next few days!

  3. Little Mermaid Fish = Flounder :) I had that keychain too! Also bought it from Divi. Tutuban Mall ata. Cute 'no!

    Sobra naman akong nagutom sa post mo. It's dinner time pa naman hehe. I love eggplant also. Yum.

  4. ang sarap ng guinataan at tupig...yum!!! =) oo na, alam ko nang sasabihin mo...hehehehe

  5. lapit na yung day na pupunta ulit kami ng bestfriend ko sa DIVI to buy present for my inaanaks ... cheap kasi yung mga toys diyan. Magaganda pa... naalala ko tuloy yung mga nabili ko last year, 3 stuff toys for 100 and lots more na 3 for 100 na toys. :)

  6. musta na si baby jo-lo? hope he's well na.
    sama naman kami sa food trip mo minsan, nick!

  7. i haven't been to divi lately, nobody wants to volunteer to go with me :(
    uy you and my boyfriend both have simple taste in food. buti na lang! mabubuhay na sya sa friend chicken/fish/pork ko. :p

  8. Ay oo nga Toni. Si Flounder yun :-) Ginagamit na ni misis yung keychain. Bili pa ako ng iba for friends.

    Hi Joyce! Keep quiet na lang ako hehehe

    Airwind! Tumpak ang sabi mo. Dapat, sa panahon ngayon, praktikal ka.

    Meowok, medyo may sipon pa rin si Jo-Lo pero at least di na sinisinat. Sige ba food trip tayo minsan ... sa housewarming nyo! :-)

    Naku Amie balita ko andami na raw tao ngayon dun. Kaya rin siguro ayaw pumunta na ng iba. Ayos lang ang simple ang taste sa food ano? Low maintenance :-).


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