13 February 2006

"the Apple of our eyes"

Our boss returned from Singapore last week with a surprise for Team Marketing: an Apple PowerBook G4! We got all excited when we saw the box and couldn't wait until our IT Admin had registered the unit with Apple and installed Adobe CS2 and Macromedia.

When we finally laid our hands on the laptop, we got a bit disoriented at how the controls work but after some time of fiddling around with it, we became familiar with the basics.

It has a wide screen display, with a default resolution of 1440 x 960. The colors are simply simply amazing, the images sharp. Our blogs even look better on the PowerBook! And it's fast!

We will be using this tool to work on graphics, web development, and desktop publishing. We have requested for another Apple computer as well, this time the desktop version (G5). Something new to fiddle around with at work. Staying in the office became more exciting. And this is officially my first post using the PowerBook!
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