16 February 2006

sharing Baguio photos

This month being the Festival of Flowers and all, I would like to share some photos I took in the past couple of weekends while visiting my wife and baby Jo-Lo. And do visit the Baguio-Quezon blog for the Panagbenga event calendar and some more photos!

This was taken at SM. My wife and I usually take strolls late in the afternoon. The stars have descended to the mountains!
Last weekend, there was surprisingly quite a number of passengers bound for the lowlands. I did not book a seat early on, and was stuck with a 1:40 Monday morning trip. This photo was taken from inside the bus. This is the Victory Liner terminal. Brrr.... very cold monday morning!
Is that a UFO? Nope. That's the moon, already visible at 2:00 in the afternoon!
This photo was taken after we did our visit to the stalls in Burnham Park (see photos at the Baguio-Quezon blog). Sunsets are quite nice in Baguio...


  1. pre watson! sayang talaga di tayo nagkita. nasa baguio kami ng feb 6 then baba ng feb 8 (midnight).
    i guess nasa manila ka rin nun kasi weekdays.
    You're lucky to live in baguio, your picture tells that all.
    Post ako ng pictures soon.

  2. Never did get to see the view from the top floor balcony of SM at night. What a nice view!

    On my last trip there, we ate lunch up there one afternoon outside on the balcony under some nice umbrellas. It was a glorious day.

  3. Anonymous1:01 pm

    I love sunrises and sunsets. Sunrises I hardly get to see because I'm not a morning person. I did get to see one beautiful sunrise though and thwat was in Baguio. The sun and the moon were out and the sky was a palette of blues and oranges. I loved it.

    I like Baguio! I haven't been there since the Ad Congress though. My best friend (iamontheverge.blogspot.com) calls that place home. I spent a lot of vacations there during college. :) It is a charming place! And everytime I go up, I always do the touristy thing (Mines View, Burnham, the whole shebang).

    It's the Festival of Flowers this weekend right? Will you be home for that one? If you will be, take pictures! :)

  4. Anonymous2:55 pm

    miss ko na rin baguio sir nick. cguro my last visit was like 2 years ago. and it was the first day of pinagbenga festival. it was fun! sana makabalik ulit. :)

  5. Tanggers, sayang nagkita sana tayo at nakasama sana kita sa drinking session. Sarap uminom sa Baguio kasi malamig! Hello Dear! hehehe

    Kuya Ed! I also did not meet you in Baguio. Small place, but lots of things going on. Yep, SM has a nice view of the city.

    Hi niceheart! Thanks! Mga random shots lang yan. What if I buy a really nice camera...

    Sunset person rin ako Toni. Never got accustomed to waking up early. Unfortunately, my wife and I might not be in Baguio for the festivities. Hihingi na lang ako ng photos sa kapatid ko.

    Junel! Thanks for sharing your photos. Ang gaganda! Looking forward to owning my own nice camera as well.

  6. Following Filipino traditions, you really should call be Kuya since you are my senior by a few years. I'm touched but slightly embarressed. I should be the one to call you Kuya Wats0n!

  7. should call be = shouldn't call me

    My fingers are fat this morning.

  8. It's really no big deal, Ed. We call each other here in the office Kuya or Ate no matter what age. :-)


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