14 February 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just got back from lunch at Glorietta. Francis and I dropped by Holland Tulips (a flower shop) in the mall and we were not surprised to find a male crowd pointing out flowers, some waiting for their purchase to be wrapped, while others walked out the store staring at nothing in the distance while holding on to their precious bouquet.

This scene reminded me of my college days. Library Assistants would sell flowers at the Library lobby to the students. We, in turn, deliver these flowers to their recipients during class hours. This was toleratede by the faculty, because their student organizations also do the same thing on Valentine's to raise funds. Students get giddy with excitement and there are exclamations of glee with every rose sent to classrooms, which disrupts the lesson momentarily. But hey, it's only once a year!

Such simple surprises never fail to light up the day of the recipient. Such as my wife, who received a dozen red roses in her office this morning. Delivered by my brother (hence I was able to have this photo sent to me by MMS).

Happy Valentine's dearest! And to you, dear reader, a Happy Valentine's too!
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