27 February 2006

It's merienda time!

Many visitors to this blog has frequently commented on how this site is becoming a food blog. Well not exactly a food blog, as those I have seen under this category also share their recipes. I am not a bad cook myself, but I rarely cook. So I simply share my food adventures.

Perhaps the major reason why I love talking about food is because I am surrounded by people who love eating as well. Take our office, for example. Last week, it was almost everyday that there was free food at the pantry. And who doesn't love free food? :-). It's either for a birthday celebration, or for people who just turned one year with the company, or from people who got "duped" into buying food as a treat.

Here are a couple of photos taken from one of our merienda sessions. Two bilao (a round container made of bamboo, usually used to separate rice from the small stones and husks, but also used to carry veggies by vendors roaming house to house, and now used to carry food as well) of pancit (fried noodles with chopped veggies, shrimp, and pork), one white and other brownish, and an abundant supply of pan de sal (bread usually consumed during breakfast) were made available for the mid-afternoon break. Here are some of my colleagues having breaktime fun Filipino style!

The girl in the middle is no other than Dessa girl, who is on diet.

We would open up the pan de sal and stuff pancit in it. Yes, it's carbohydrates with more carbohydrates in it. Carbo loading!

Here's to a food-filled week ahead!
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