16 February 2006

sharing Baguio photos

This month being the Festival of Flowers and all, I would like to share some photos I took in the past couple of weekends while visiting my wife and baby Jo-Lo. And do visit the Baguio-Quezon blog for the Panagbenga event calendar and some more photos!

This was taken at SM. My wife and I usually take strolls late in the afternoon. The stars have descended to the mountains!
Last weekend, there was surprisingly quite a number of passengers bound for the lowlands. I did not book a seat early on, and was stuck with a 1:40 Monday morning trip. This photo was taken from inside the bus. This is the Victory Liner terminal. Brrr.... very cold monday morning!
Is that a UFO? Nope. That's the moon, already visible at 2:00 in the afternoon!
This photo was taken after we did our visit to the stalls in Burnham Park (see photos at the Baguio-Quezon blog). Sunsets are quite nice in Baguio...
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