14 March 2006

The conquest of Mt. Maculot

Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas as described in the Internet, is a favorite spot among mountaineers because it is a relatively easy climb (classified as Level 1) and the view of Taal Lake is amazing. When you'd like to go on a trek but don't have much time for it, Mt. Maculot is the way to go. As Phil said in his post about his trek to the Mayon volcano, "climb your mountains while you still can". I have just recently discovered the joy of being in the great outdoors, and I wish that when Jo-Lo will be older to go on camping trips, my wife and I will still be physically able to do so.

My camping friends and I, along with Tol Pare Harry went to Mt. Maculot for a break last weekend. We discovered soon that Level 1 does not necessarily mean "easy" for everyone. We got lost twice, and we took breaks whenever we can as we tried to catch our breath. But as we sat on the Rockies with the Taal Lake spread out before us with the wind on our face, it was all worth it.

The simple comic below is a narrative of this unforgettable adventure. Simply click on a page to enlarge.

Here are a couple more photos on the view from the Rockies.

The above comic was done using Comic Life, a Mac application.
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