06 March 2006

Groovy Baby!

Last weekend, Pauline and I accompanied good friend Francis Pasaway to the mall as he was going to buy three long-sleeve polo shirts for office use. He was taking time to complete his choices, so Pauline decided it was time for a Watson makeover!

We saw these fabulous clothing straight from the creative imagination of who knows-who. Help me and Pauline choose which I should buy! Please!

The speckled sunkist style
Inter-galactic inspired polo
Snowflakes galore shirt
Daddy Groovy shirt
That 70s show!


  1. Hey Wat, can you wear one of the last two shirts and come to my birthday party this June? I could use a "colorful" personality there. Also, if you could learn a couple magic tricks that would be awesome too! Just joshin' ya! You know, they say that a man who wears bright and colorful apparrel is a confident, self-assured fellow. Aloha!

  2. Anonymous2:02 am

    yeah,aloha! that was a funny comment from your friend,haha!

    lotsa nice pics here,watson..been doing a lot of travelling,cool!

  3. nice colorful polo, ano napili ni pauline?

  4. Hello...since I finally became Watson's fashion coordinator, I choose the Intergallactic...coz as you all know, Watson is a long lost relative of the Voltes V and uses Voltron to fight school bullies when he was in elementary...hahahahaa...

  5. may underwear-counterpart ba yang mga napiling colors ni Pauline? mukhang ok na colors ng brip ko yan, at least nakatago, heheee!

  6. i like the daddy groovy shirt sir nick! i want to give you a makeover tooo!!!! please!!! i promise no girly stuff!

  7. summer na summer na ang dating!
    sa amin mya snow pa :(

    bilhin mo na lang lahat para araw2 iba ang dating. hehe

  8. im daring you to wear the last shirt! hehehe!

    angsarap magshopping sa manila talaga!


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