03 March 2006

Fontana Leisure Park

(We actually went here late last year for our company business planning. I would love to say I planned to blog this at the start of summer 2006, but the truth of the matter is it got buried in the 2005 yuletide festivities. I was looking for material to write about while in the cab this morning and found these photos!)
Summertime is upon us! The merry month of March has just drawn a close to February, and the chilly winds of Baguio will soon be replaced by mildly cool breeze. Time to hit the great outdoors and take a break! Here's a recommendation: Fontana Leisure Park located in the Clark Special Economic Zone in Pampanga, a couple of hours' drive from Manila.

Rather than staying in the hotel, you can actually stay in cottages that are for rent. There are lots of these in the area, but the weekend vacationers come in droves to this place so better reserve early. The cottages are spacious and with the amenities of home less the pet cat and dog. You may even cook there if you want, and barbecues are actually quite popular with weekenders.

Duplex cottages. A lawn is located at the back for barbecue parties.
Airconditioning, cable TV, huge, comfortable sofas, and high mobile phone signal strength make it difficult to leave the cottage , especially at high noon.

Me so sleepy...Aside from the Casino, the main attraction of Fontana is its water-themed park. Water, water, water everywhere!

This is the wave pool, where artificial waves simulate the feeling of being on an actual ocean shore. Jump in sync with the waves or sit by the "shoreline" and simply enjoy the lapping waters.

Kids can't get enough of ths ship with slides, tunnels, nets, and water all over the place. Now is the time to play with water and not get reprimanded!
Lazily spend the afternoon drifting around this river...
Or you can enjoy getting into the action ...
and hit those water slides!
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