10 March 2006

Indian food, anyone?

In case you guys were wondering (for an entire week! Sorry, things got a bit hectic at work) on the polo result (see previous post), we settled for a less-subdued design instead. Would I wear one of the polos below on a dare? hmmm... How much? :-)

Anyways, if you happen to be in the Salcedo Village area and land exactly in the intersection of Leviste and Salcedo Streets near the Sagittarius Building, you may have seen this small food shop bearing the "unimaginative" name "Indian Food". This is where me and my friend Harry landed one lunchtime, when we went out of the office a bit late and found our favorite Jollijeep no longer had food available, and the store nearby we visited once had already closed. So when we saw this place, we shrugged and said, "why not?"
Admittedly, we have actually been avoiding this place because the exhaust near their signage always gives off the familiar scent of curry and spices. So we have this notion that when we leave the place, we'd be smelling of Indian food!

Surprisingly, the place did not smell as strongly. It's just a simple place actually where you can have an out-of the-ordinary lunch or dinner. The menu items, though in english, were not familiar so the waitress patiently explained what the dishes are all about. This, inspite of the fact that there is a short description of the food in the menu. Perhaps behind the smile, the waitress is wondering if we could not read. Mighty nice of her to indulge our questions though.
Not knowing what to order, we settled for their more popular dishes: The metti fish (at the foreground) and shrimp curry, and of course, rice.

The food was surprisingly delicious! We enjoyed trying out both dishes. They would ask if you want it hot or medium and mild, and I believe we settled for hot. After all, since we're going out on a different food trip, why not indulge in the "extreme"?

We are not much on spicy food though, but interestingly we found the food to be just right. It was not the "gimme water nowwww!" spicy hot thing.

A little note, though. One rice is enough. We ordered one more bowl of rice to split between us and we barely finished it. Pour sauce on your rice sparingly. You would find the deliciousness "too tasty" after some time. It's really good for a single rice only.

And of course, it being spicy and all, there is an aftertaste so better brush immediately after or have your breath mints ready if you cannot get to the toothpaste just yet. Strange though that the Persian Kebab restaurant at Makati Avenue does not seem to have this strong an aftertaste... but that place is much classier.

Overall, service is great, the food is great. Just don't overindulge. Damage between the two of us is around P250.00 with soda each.

Happy weekend everyone!
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