24 March 2006

Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

Yesterday, I was at the Evangelista public market looking for cookware and food provisions for our upcoming camping trip. Donned with shirt, shorts, and slippers to look unobtrusive, I courageously bargained for the prices of these items (I'm not the bargaining type but discovered it can be fun when I'm with my wife).

Then this morning, I was at Libertad looking for a simple crib Jo-Lo can use for his stay over the weekend, stall-hopping and bargaining with the shopkeepers.

By lunchtime I was donned in my office attire and heading off to a Power Team meeting in one of the Call Center offices in Makati. And later on I will be in a general meeting for Information Technology vendors, rubbing shoulders with industry movers.

I was in the market one time, then in corporate halls the next. Life can be so colorful sometimes. My boss once said that in our lifetime, we will be wearing many hats. It's a comparative analysis of our roles in life. A father one time, an office employee the next, a trekking enthusiast the next. But we are all of these at the same time.

Have a happy weekend everyone!
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