20 March 2006

Musings for Monday

The road from my apartment intersect the main road where you can get a jeepney or cab to other places. Right smack in the intersection is a stately old tree. I was quite surprised when 4 days ago, it was brighter than usual in that area. And then I realized that the tree was shedding its leaves! Everytime a breeze wafted by, leaves would fall in all directions.

I was quite alarmed. Never in my 9 years stay here can I recall that tree doing that. Is it dying? I crossed the street and took a photo. you can see the leaves by the roadside. There were lots more on the road and opposite sidewalk.

Then, this morning, I was delightfully surprised to see the same tree looking so young with its new sprout of bright-green leaves. In just 4 days! Oh joy!
Question: do trees periodically shed off their leaves to grow new ones?


We bought some sunflower seeds in Baguio while I was getting ice cream for Jo-Lo's 9th month birthday last Saturday. The words inscribed on the packaging was amusing, one worthy of sharing with you. Click on the image below to read the labels.

Just what is the "mysterious recipe"? I'm all giddy with excitement. Yeah. Over a packet of sunflower seeds. "Ha, tasty!"

"Bravo! they all applauded the awesome tastes." Yeah. Over a packet of sunflower seeds.
Have a good week, everyone!
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