28 March 2006

Nanny McPhee and the Sandwich of Horror

Nanny McPhee taught me five valuable lessons. These are:
(1) To go to bed when told,
(2) To get out of bed when told,
(3) To dress up when told,
(4) To listen, and
(5) To do as you are told.

The other kids did eventually learned a lot more things than the five lessons mentioned above. And what a Nanny she is! Asking only for Sunday afternoons off for her term of stay. Her staff, though menacing, is not at all used for flogging naughty kids like them but when she gives a mighty tap on the floor, sparks fly and magic happens.

When there is a domestic problem, especially with kids, Nanny McPhee is sure to be there. Children feigning sickness, beware! For she will surely make you stay in bed. But she taught her charges well. She's fair and knocks on the door before she enters a room.

It was likewise a delight seeing Angela Lansbury of Murder, She Wrote once again!

Nanny McPhee is a wonderful movie, and is a film the family can watch and enjoy. It's currently playing in theaters. Catch it!

[photo credit: Rotten Tomatoes]


Speaking of domestic abilities, I would like to share with you today an original recipe. I call it... the Sandwich of Horror! It's quite simple to make, really. All you need are the following:

A loaf of Bread
A medium jar of Mayonnaise
Tuna spread
Raw mangoes
Fish sauce (bagoong) - optional

First, mix the mayo and tuna spread. Set aside.
Peel off the green mango and slice. If you feel adventurous, use the entire mango!
Take a slice of loaf bread. Generously spread the tuna mix on one side.

Put mango slices on top of the tuna mix. Or, you can put the entire mango altogether! Less hassle on peeling and slicing.
Spread a bit of fish sauce (optional).

Top it off with another slice of loaf and your done! Treat your nosey neighbors ... err ... guests with this gastronomic delight and invent a fancy name like "tuna-mango delight"!

Last one to the restroom has a stomach made of lead!
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